Goodness, I've gone too long without a post, eh? Content, content, content! I'm still trying to figure all this stuff out...fitting blogging into my schedule. It's more time consuming than I thought! I do a lot of research and have so many ideas that I am formulating together. But eventually I gotta put pen to paper.

To make amends, here is a pic of 
Mr. Darcy. 

He's fabulous and the Internet does love its cats, as do I. 

He sure lives up to his name. 

But I digress. 

So, yeah...life. Busy, busy. On top of that is that, my CE (continuing education) credits for retaining my Rad Tech license are due at the end of the month and I have maybe half of them done. Gah! All of my concentration has been on that. 

And my computer has been mind-blowingly...wheel of death... s.l.o.w. Grrrrr. Hubs says I need more RAM. 
IT CROWD. My favorite show. :)
Anyway, I just quickly wanted to jot something down I was thinking about today. The reason I got into the health care field was because I wanted to help people. I still do. Hopefully I'll be able to go back to work part time soon, but I also have a desire to help people in an even larger, substantial way. I've been on both sides now: the carer, and the patient. If I felt strongly about helping people through the system, and comforting them the best I could before my illness, I certainly feel even more passionate about it now. 

Today on twitter, I read about the #HealtheVoices15 summit that took place a few days ago, and got pumped. Pumped that these summits take place, and that there are so many other bloggers (and health care workers!) with the same passion as I have; to be a healthcare/patient/pain advocate! Not just for ourselves and our own chronic conditions, but for others as well so hopefully they wont have to go through some of the same BS we have gone through. There's a dying of compassion going on in our broken system, as many of us know all too well. 

Psych Central wrote a great wrap up of the event (thank you for posting it on twitter Josh Robbins). One of the speakers there was Dr. Zubin Damania, and if you haven't heard of him yet, you've got to check him out. Not only is he a great speaker and incredibly talented/funny (no really!), he runs a ground breaking, compassionate, full-of-awesome clinic in Las Vegas called Turntable Health. One of the things he was mentioned to have said at the conference really stuck with me:

 Doctors get paid to do procedures on you, not to listen to you.

Read that again. Sucky, and true. I searched long and hard for my awesome docs that DO listen. They are out there. But over all...yeah, the reality of the above statement has to change. Our healthcare system needs a major overhaul. 

And I want to be a part of it. 

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06/01/2015 6:55pm

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